About us

We are a City Cafe that is go above and beyond to serving Healthy food in a calming rustic setting. People find it allows them to get away from the stresses of working in the city. Enjoy a fresh wrap or one of the many daily specials that we offer.

If you are looking for an alternative to chain foods canteen style layout Im sure you will find the people different here. We are serving food that is changing with the seasons, the slow cooking concept at work. The response we get from our customers is that its the type of food that gives you energy to vitalise your day. Our flavour comes from the ingredients as opposed to the chemicals put into it. For the coffee lovers we have a rich special blend developed by the Annex Espresso Bar and roasted by the coffee roaster.

We have designed our place as your meeting place, it’s the annex to the office, meet your clients, be taken care of and we will meet all your needs while you take care of business.

We have a Take Away window if you want to quickly pick up your orders

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